Words of Wisdom from two experts on the subject of “Ageless”

“You live your life and you grow into your life and you have small children, then you have big children. And then you have grandchildren, and you are still the same person; the important thing is to keep yourself agile in body and brain. Pay attention be curious, be engaged, and LIVE!

Greatlifeafter50 Agless
Greatlifeafter50 Ageless

Just enjoy it! You may think 50 is old, but three years from now you will think it is young. That’s one very positive aspect of thinking ahead!”

Diane von Furstenberg (Fifty Things To Do When you Turn Fifty)


“What I learned form that is no matter our age or appearance, when we are doing something we love, it transforms us.  The joy that emanates from within changes how we look – then damn the wrinkles, damn the thinning hair or weakening vision. WE RADIATE. And our age suddenly doesn’t matter anymore, because we are fulfilled.”

Greatlifeafter50 Ageless
Greatlifeafter50 Ageless

Luis Santeiro is a Cuban American television screenwriter and playwright born in Havana, Cuba

(Source “Fifty Things To Do When you Turn Fifty” Edited by Ronnie Sellers)

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