Great Life After 50 – Health Strategies, Leisure Time, Aging with Grace and Retire to Start new Life

“In interviews, the first question I get is always: ‘What do you do to stay young?’ I do nothing. I don’t think aging is a problem. What irritates me a little is growing fatter. It irritates me that if I eat what I want to eat, it shows. Yes, my face has wrinkles. But I don’t find it monstrous. I’m so surprised that the emphasis on aging here is on physical decay, when aging brings such incredible freedom. Now what I want most is laughs. I don’t want to hurt anybody by laughing — there is no meanness to it. I just want to laugh.” — Oprah, September 2009 Isabella Rossellini

Another night with hot flashes, it is 4am and I am staring at the ceiling. Next to me my husband is sleeping curled in the cozy blanket. The room temperature is around 65F, but I am covered with sweat, turning from left to right and right to left.  Since I am not able to sleep anymore I storm into the kitchen to get a glass of water and ice. I splash my face. Feels good!  Two puffy sleepy eyes in the mirror, the silver roots remind me that I need to visit my hairdresser. I am taking off my sweaty shirt and noticed something on my skin. I never pay attention to my skin, but now almost 50, I’ve started to explore my body like a teenager.  It is changing for sure! Is not just my body, but my mind is taking me on new journey.

I made myself a cup of black coffee and turn on the TV. The slender figure of Marie and her NutriSystem commercial is the first thing I see. I pushed the button, but all other channels are the same, pushing diets, exercise, pills, creams and other products to look young again. False promise to lose 30 pounds in 10 days, being able to get rid of a double chin in one week and look young again.

Why does everyone see youth as living life and aging as a disease where it must be cured or one has to stop living For most people forty is the “over the hill” and fifty is a shock because it is the end of the center period of life.  I don’t agree, if you look after yourself and are able to maintain your healthy body anyone is capable of anything at any point in their life and will be able to summon the energy to do what they please.

Age.. Ageless..! What’s with this constant fixation with age? I don’t want to be 30 or 40 again, I don’t want to look ‘young’ with bleached or over-colored hair,wearing a short skirt and to be constantly talking up how young I feel. I don’t want to be the woman who goes clubbing with all the ‘much younger’ people to feel young.  I just want to love myself, look after myself, follow my passion, and take the trouble to remain elegant and attractive.

I want to be 50, 60 or 70, even 80, travel, enjoy my family and friends. Today is the day I’ve decided to make some changes and take steps to healthier and happier me! Find the lost “ME” again!

I am glad you are here! My goal is to share my journey with my readers and help them to love themselves, look good and follow their passion.

50 is the Golden Age of Happiness, it is time to accept “YOU” and embrace the power of positive living!

I don’t want to get younger, I want to get fit, to eat better, and get more sleep. Once upon I was the “fashion lady”, now I am going to work with boring outfits and a ponytail.  I don’t use lipstick anymore and forgot to smile.

It is time to get my old “ME”, be more confident and get what I want.  I need to reinvigorate my marriage. Need to find time for my family and bring back the power of positive living in my life. I can’t turn the clock back and be my younger self, but I can rejuvenate the “ME” and be the woman I want to be.

With health strategies, we can survive after 50 and age with grace and follow our passion.  Careful retirement planning can help us to achieve financial success and have money and resources for leisure time, start new  business, charity or follow our passion.I am investing more and more time in my painting and writing and believe I can turn this from a hobby to a my daily life. There are many people who started late in life and were successful.

Who said marriage, sex and relationship after 50 can’t be enjoyable and exciting, put this old cliche in the closet and move on with living your live to the fullest.

I think the biggest step in my self-love journey will be to accept the idea that I won’t always feel good—about myself or life in general, but this is true at any age!!

I am glad you are here! My goal is to share my journey with my readers and help them to love themselves, live healthy, look good and follow their passion. If you are healthy you can do everything and at any point of your life… age is but a number.

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