Create Your Happiness! Keep the Romance and Reignite The Spark In Your Relationship!

“Happiness is enhanced by others, but does not depend on others!”
                                                                                                                                                                     Is sex the fountain of youth? I would presume yes, based on the latest research from Swedish scientists. It says when people are in their older years being sexually active can help them be more vital and agile. They have a higher level of a sex hormone in their blood and have better memory.

If your reading this and your thinking “I am too old for this”, I am telling you know that it is not too late to go back in the game.


It is possible to enjoy sex at any age, if you have the “equipment” all you need is the mentality.

Don’t try to compete with your younger self. Get rid of the “musts”: you MUST have an erection, you MUST have an orgasm, you MUST have a young body. You know your own body best, just try to enjoy the moment.

Make a plan and stick with it. Plan a date. Take time away from your busy life,  just for you and your partner. Make time so that both you and your partner can enjoy each other’s company and have fun.

Sunday afternoon, Tuesday night, or Friday morning. Whenever it is, just make time.

Travel if you can, it doesn’t have to be a long getaway even a night getaway to a semi close boutique hotels with unique tubs, mirrored ceilings.

Try something new in your sex routine, try to talk to your partner to share and create mutual sexual fantasies.

Talk about your fantasies. Listen, don’t be silent. Make a wish list, try to bring more of that touch and feel aspect back into your life.

Kiss more often! Kiss after work, kiss at irregular unexpected places and times, more excitement can create beautiful chemistry and bring back those sparks that maybe you haven’t been able to experience in a while because well… life happens.

Hugs, Hugs, Hugs….

Make time to hug and touch, little things can help increase hormones such as Oxytocin and can increase libido.

It doesn’t have to be intense, do not pressure yourself. Baby steps can also be helpful to be able to build up to your end goal. Baby steps can include dancing, massage, bathing, etc. Your final goal isn’t sex itself it is the relaxation, closeness and pleasure that you can receive from being with your significant other.

Renew your romance

Act like lovers, blast your favorite music, pick up flowers. Remember when you met that girl 20 years ago, or that boy who was the star of the football team. When you met someone that sparked your interest, there was a reason for that. Your interests and your path happen to cross each other just in the right way.

Bring that back, have fun with it.

Greatlifeafter50 Agless
Greatlifeafter50 Ageless

Sex is an area where you can try and play around during your whole life.

I get it, being with one person your whole entire life can become comfortable. Comfortability shouldn’t mean the end of it all, intimacy can still be found among it all.

I never said it was going to be easy, nor will I tell you that there is a ONE special secret. It is love, it will never be easy. But it is rewarding when you put personal time and love into trying.

Continue to keep the romance. There is no need to your significant other to super expensive dinner or resort getaway. Making even the smallest of effort can go a long way. Dressing up, having a candlelight dinner. Enjoy the moment, enjoy every last bit of it.

A spark in your love life brings back the feelings that you had when you were first getting that small taste of the person you were falling in love with. Yes, this is the same person that you met 20, 40 or how many ever years ago.

Find the positive energies that once existed and try to bring it back. My next piece of advice has not only been some of the things that have I have incorporated in my life, but also some that I have still yet to try.

Sample that new exotic restaurant you have always wanted to try. Join the belly dancer when she invites you up at your favorite Greek restaurant. What is there to lose, give it a try, have fun…!

Travel like I mentioned before. It doesn’t have to be expensive, there are so many interesting places around you. I guarantee it, do some research.  If you are in New England try a gondola ride and Water Fire, or if you are visiting Florida, stop by St. Augustine in January surprise your love one with a romantic chariot wine testing. Lights, Carriage and Holiday ‘Cheer’!

Gondola Ride
Gondola Ride

Going away together creates a cozy space for your relationship. It creates adventure and conversation that you previously may have never had. Makes you communicate, experience, and be present.

Rituals and Memories

Keep rituals alive, practice them ever so often so they don’t fade away. Relive the feelings.Visit places that bring back memories, maybe the first place where you met, the first time you both said the infamous sentence “I love you”. Rejuvenate and live, bring back spark and flare into your relationship.

Romance and Love
Romance and Love

Romance has one definition, but an infinite amount of ways to show it. Whether it be through emotional, physical or verbal.

To be in love is a state of mind, romance is an action that lives through that.
Be good to yourself and you will be able to relay that to the next person.

I urge people not to wait until a holiday, celebration or specific occasion to bring the emotions of love out by buying flowers or a card. Bring out those emotions constantly so they can become routine.


The most romantic gestures are born through spontaneity and in the moment. Happiness is enhanced by others, but does not depend on others.
Live your life, love your life, love your other half.
Life is too short not to live it.
Create your Happiness!







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